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About us

More than 40 years ago, Ekeby Rostfria Produktions AB got a request from a leading Swedish spice company to develop a new generation of tumbler and marinator The innovation should facilitate and stimulate the interest, by shops, delicatessen and butchers, to develop new product qualities and tastes by tumbling and marinating.

Grilled chicken was the master piece as anybody knew the tasteless, dry, grilled chicken. SPICER changed this!

New flavours in spices and marinades would give a modern and wider range of food products, tumbled before grilled.

SPICER was a new concept in handling and function working with a movement of barrel from top to bottom. No moving parts or walls were any more needed inside and so the content could be processed for long time without damage. Best example whole chicken or chicken legs now can be tumbled without losing their skin like before.

Also cleaning and hygiene of SPICER after tumbling became easier. So in few years SPICER became a leading unit on many modern markets and chain stores. Thanks to our initial collaboration with leading international spice companies like Hela Spice Canada Inc. we were invited as standard equipment for several establishment and stores when new opened.